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About PoolTool

PoolTool is an Billard cheating/helper program, coded by theAnswer and Gizmore, to aid you at Pool on PlayRay. It is written in plain Java and should run with Java version 5 and above. We created this program for educational purposes only, and we do *not* use it against other human players.

Cheating spoils the fun of gaming and in the long run for both players. So please use it only for demonstrative or educational purposes.

By the way: PoolTool is no help for the experienced player.
Currently, PoolTool is only able to aid on PlayRay. Thus, other similar billard games would only need some code tweaking.
If you like to try out PootTool, take a look at the tutorial page.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

If you do not like cheating, why did you put it online?

I think there are several ways and programs to cheat. This is only of them, and fairly good, but I like to show it anyway. Also I invested time and work into this project and it would be sad if it only gets dusty on my harddisk. Last but not least I am a bit proud of it :)

Do you think there are people cheating on PlayRay?

I think a small minority of players doesn`t shrink away from cheating. However, proving that is a very difficult up to impossible task. You can`t prove the use of PoolTool or most other cheating programs, but you can guess it. If you hear from other programs that allow you to cheat on PlayRay, please let me know.

How can I guess if someone is cheating?

As I said, you can only guess, and some players are really, really good, but when a medium-strength player suddenly makes very difficult tosses without any aiming it seems very weird to me. Keep in mind, you can only guess, and some people are just lucky. A good way to guess is maybe watch the players queue movements. Also you should play with a low timelimit, to make cheating more difficult.

Can you code me a similar program for XYZ?

This depends on the program.

Do you like writing me similar programs?

This depends, beside the program, on my motivation.

Would you please remove this website?

No I won`t. The software would be available from people that already got it, so it would make no sense to remove it now.

You are such a cheater! Why the heck do you cheat?!?!

Please read the page attentive and in order. Wut? You are here again? So please repeat your question a) backwards, b) in another language, c) in rot26