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PoolTool Tutorial and Documenation

You have to set some settings, to make pooltool work correctly:
Disable shadows in playray.

First you have to start a billard or pool game on PlayRay.

Start Playray

Of course you have to start PoolTool too. There are several ways for it on windows, which might work, but that depends on your configuration.

1. Try to open PoolTool*.jar with a double click. or
2. Rightclick PoolTool and select open with->Java. or
3. Open a cmd shell. (For that press Start->execute, and type in "cmd")
   Change the current working directory to PoolTool's location.
   Execute this command: java -jar PoolTool*

Start Pooltool

Now lets focus on the usage:

PoolTool works by creating screenshots. It scans the Balls positions, and can calculate tosses with this information. To take a screenshot you have to press Load Table. Some things have to be visible, to make PoolTool recognize the table and balls. The upper left corner of the Applet has to be visible, as well as the balls to scan.

Make a screenshot of the pool table

After the balls have been scanned, you can select a ball and a pocket. The selecting order doesnt matter. The program is kinda intuitive and aims over bounds or N balls, to get the selected ball into the selected pocket. The algorithm can be improved, though.

To select a pocket or a ball, simply click it in PoolTool.
I am gonna click the green,full Ball in PoolTool. It changes its color to cyan when selected.

Select a ball by clicking it in PoolTool

Now I select the target pocket. Simply click it like the ball. Also the pocket changes color to cyan when selected.

Select a pocket by clicking it in PoolTool

As you might have noticed, PoolTool immediately calculates its toss and outputs it in a graphical way. If a ball changes its color to red, it is blocking the toss, lying between selected ball and pocket. Impossible tosses are marked as impossible in the program. The white lines show the direction after a collision. (This is currently calculated completely wrong.)

Now you can press Aim or Shoot. Aim sets the mouse to the calculated best shot. You can then hold the mouse button to specify the tosses strength. Shoot executes a rightclick at that position, a toss with full power. This may be more accurate, depending on your ability to handle a mouse.

Press Aim or Shoot to toss